The RaceExpress Project

A package for Whitewater slalom and Wildwater Racing

Feature List

Race Registration Online self registration, online/offline by race organizer.   Online payment system.  Configurable tracking for payments, waivers, etc.


Race Contact Database


Federation membership, seeding data, email / snailmail correspondence & tracking, volunteers, vendors. 


Race Event  

Start list generation, auto seeding, time slots & bib assignment. 

Timing System Integration - Tag Heuer, Adrian Nye.

Course Maps, volunteer section assignment.

Scoring - By section with WIFI PDA graphics or full course graphics.

Results - conventional Race scoring chits, touch kiosk enabled, 

Post Race  

Automatic Federation results transmission, faster, more accurate and reliable.


Platforms/Requirements Registration  - Windows™, Mac, Linux or any web browser
Race Organization - any OS with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
Options Scoreboard interface (pending technical interface specs)

Touch Kiosk support

WIFI PDA section scoring


Your Ideas

Currently soliciting user input for feature sets.  Design and technical  assistance are welcomed.  Use the contact link at the bottom of the page.



Title: Race Express - Whitewater Slalom / Wildwater Race Package
Author: Allen Mayers
Company: Teton Cay Group Inc.
Description: Slalom /Wildwater Race Organization Application

Implemented in Java, MySQL, ASP/JSP, JavaScript and VBScript.



© Teton Cay Group, Inc 2006.  Some rights reserved.


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